The incorrect spelling of "teeth". Not a very common error, but error nontheless.
Person A: My teath are white.
Person B: No, your teeth are white
by bob saget July 8, 2004
The feeling you get when you drink too many cups of tea and your teeth go squeaky
I couldn't possibly have another cup of tea sir, I've gone all teathy
by brownsource December 20, 2012
the white thingys you use to eat your food. they are in your mouth. stupid people and some penguins spell it incorrectly as teeth
peguin: i have no teeth
jamaican: naw mon yoo gots no teath mon
by stasis penguin September 10, 2010
a girl or guy who has bad crooked teath.
"yea shes good lookin but shes got somer teath. . some are here some are there"
by jaala May 5, 2007
Pronounced like death but with a t. It’s when you die from something related to a tooth/teeth. Like getting stabbed to death by a tooth/teeth. Or dying from tooth infection/rot because you have crap dental hygiene or you ingested a bunch of radium.
The cause death was Teath”
“They died from Teath”
by Hippy-Hair June 7, 2022
The alternative way to spell ‘teeth’.

The ‘teath’ alternative should be used to describe teeth of a particularly high quality.
My god, you’re an attractive fellow! Show me those pearly white teath again!”
by Liebling March 9, 2019