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To cover one's nutsac with tabasco sauce and proceed to teabag (put your balls on one's forehead) another person so that it stings their eyes.
How do your eyes feel after i texas teabagged you?
by aaa December 24, 2004
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I snorted som coke after I drank some coke.
by aaa March 16, 2005
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(n) 1.(slang) a male semen.
2.(slang) a female vaginal liquid.
(v)(slang) to ejaculate; to masturbate.
(prep) {Latin} and; as well as
by aaa January 29, 2004
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by aaa September 12, 2003
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Someone who: apparently makes (C)rap
but all they do is saple their voice.

Their only requirement to be a rapper is to wear a gold chain and wear some shitty tracksuits. all their music is made for them on a computer and they have large teams of people to make their music for them (they do actually 'sing' on the track but it is all modified and sampled.) Unfortunatly lots of people cant see through the stupid charade

It is not even music because the only element of music - it has is lyrics - no tempo, rythim, style.... (most idiots wont know what im talking about, because they have no idea what music is)
See: townie
People who listen to rappers bob thier head up and down to show their appreciation of the 'music'

This is a poor excuse for moshing.
by aaa July 14, 2004
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sum 1 who is really rich and spends all of there time telling people about it.
you little posh cunt
by aaa October 24, 2003
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