to perform very well in some forum, video games in particular
Man, last round, you were tearing it up, you were doing so well
by kyle February 10, 2005
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The act of hooking up with some chick or dude. During the process of "Tearing it up", the chick, or dude, gets so fucking horny they ferociously rip, or gently slip, of their clothes and/or undergarments.(hopefully).
Example 1: Guy 1:Dude! Last night i got that chick so horny, we started tearing it up!
Guy 2: She let you in on her cuddy?
Guy 1: Hell yeah!
Example 2:
Girl 1: I was so wasted last night girl!
Girl 2: I heard you and that guy you met last night at the club were tearing it up at your dorm!
Girl 1: Yeah, i hope he used a condom.
by KD25A July 10, 2008
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