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One of the sweetest people you can ever meet. She's very loyal and a really great friend, always there when you need her.
"Isn't that the sweetest girl you've ever met?"
"Yeah, she must be a TeAna"
by Sexy Beast45449 July 06, 2012
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Teana is Greek for 'princess'
An outgoing and fun to be around girl. She can make a bad night turn into the best night ever and is very honest. She has a cute personality and is the most caring person, always there for people even if it's someone she does not know or isn't very good friends with. One of the sweetest people you will ever meet and has a very big loving heart, a very good friend, does not like people that are up to the bad. Most teana's are the most gorgeous people your eyes will ever meet. Once you push a Teana to the breaking point step away.
Girl: Omg that girl over there looks much like a Teana!
Boy: Dude, I think that is. She looks so banging
Girl: She looks gorgeous
by boobietrap101 August 25, 2014
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An outgoing, insecure girl how's honest past the point of rudeness. She is usually liked by many and hated by few. She has a cute personality, although she is violent. She doesn't take what people say seriously, and she can be very spiteful. She is willing to fight for what she believe's in no matter what. She has a great sense of humor and she is very caring. She is very independent and strong willed. She is also very emotionally driven. She is often misunderstood and easily labeled.
Girl 1: So, I heard she kicked some girls ass.

Girl 2: Yeah, but Teana usually has a reason.

Girl 1: Yeah, of course, she's crazy.

Girl 2: Or, maybe she got sick of being pushed around.
by OnLy_TheWeAKwiLlWaLk December 06, 2011
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1. Amazingly Bangin
2. Hella Gangstaa
1. Dude, that girl totally looked Te'ana.
2. Nigga, we was in the hood, and this Te'ana cunt rolls up with a nine and shoots my Bitch.
by Te'ana C. December 01, 2007
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An attention seeking whorebag, who likes to think she can suck cock, and shes a bad flirt.... Shes a liar, untrustworthy, stubborn, up herself, tryhard slut, dresses like a prostitute, and will betray you even if it meant losing you. She will be your friend one minute, then another minute she will hate your fucking guts.

Never be friends with a Teana, she will make your life a living hell!!!!
Teana: "I want to bash her so fucking bad"
Other Girl: "Ew, why the hell are you mad with your bestfriend?!"
Teana: "Because..... Well.... I WANT HER TO GO TO HELL"
Bestfriend: "Well thats nice... and to think we were once bestfriends"

by Her Old Bestfriends August 17, 2011
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