Taylor-ing: The act of going farther than stalking and/or creeping on people. Specifically, humans of the Male gender.
Maya: What are you DOING??

Nicole: Wait. You didn't see that guy?? He was sooo HOT . I couldn't help but start "taylor-ing" him!!!
by LAH-LAH-LOVE. June 05, 2010
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Being a clueless beard who gradually mutilates the genitals of their gay partner. Derived from Taylor McKessie, a secondary character in the High School Musical film franchise who is dating a character, Chad, who – in deleted scenes – is shown to have suppressed feelings of homosexuality. Taylor's vagina was barbed and thus shredded Chad's penis every time that the two partook in sexual intercourse.
"You are Tayloring that poor gay boy" or "You are destroying the gay-straight alliance here at our school you fuckin' Taylor"
by Anti-Chad-ed December 18, 2018
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The act of stitching up one's female genitalia, followed by the systematic butchering of said stitches in a decidedly un-Saville Row fashion using one's man-pork..
Jamie had a quiet thursday....lunch was followed by the tayloring of a helpless wench.
by crt1979 October 24, 2009
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To inject or shove your penis into a girl's mouth while she is cheering or talking and does not know your there.
Did you hear? Mary got taylored by Jason at the football game. It was a good Tayloring.
by GuDDaGuDDaW80 November 06, 2010
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When someone is thrid wheeling
Cate, Tanner, Courtney and Jacob were on a double date and Taylor showed up. "Jez she tayloring hard"
by Jerimaha February 10, 2017
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