An easy way to keep all of the money you have earned
Jake~ I wonder what things I could do to keep the money I have earned this month.

Paul~ Have you tried doing tax evasion?

Jake~ omg Paul, you're a genious.
by Destroyer of babies October 10, 2021
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The primary activity of upper class brits
Boris commited tax evasion again”
“Wow shocker
by I_eat_dick March 9, 2022
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A fun thing to do in your free time that also saves you money.
Person 1: Hey man, you wanna commit some tax evasion?
Person 2: Fuck yhea, fuck the IRS!!!
by February 24, 2023
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A cute caterpillar with a lot of simps
Person 1: "hey, it's tax evasion!"
Person 2: "I simp for tax evasion"
by RubyDupy August 2, 2020
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1) Noun. The illegal nonpayment or avoidance of paying tax.

2) Exclamation. Considered by many to be the single most offensive word in the English language.
1) My brother just got jailed for tax evasion!

2) Guy 1: My parents are asleep, we can say bad words
Guy 2: tax evasion
by SuperLuigi9624 June 10, 2017
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Another name for opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, famous for his tax evasion and obesity.
Heyyy! Did you see that video of the singer guy doing the High Cs??

Oh yeah, fat tax evasion man of course.
by CornwallTCollingsly September 24, 2020
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