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Tawny is a beautiful, perfect girl. You can't describe her, she's everything you've always wanted and more. She has one of the best personalities possible, and is a caring, loving, smart person all the time. She's beautiful, inside and out, with gorgeous eyes and a breathtaking smile. Once you have a Tawny in your life, don't let her go. She's everything you'll ever need.
Tawny is one of the best people i've ever met.
by TheHolyCockOfGod May 29, 2012
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Tawny resembles strength and love. she is a caring person, with all the greatness on her side. she is a strong person, because she has been through a lot. but she still finds room for fun! tawnys are usually interested in law, and education. she is truely a great example, and hero to some. tawny is definatly a keeper!
shes perfect! her name is tawny!
by rikkishell July 16, 2010
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Tawny's are beautiful and sociable girls.Loved and cherised by all. A certain Tawny is close friend's of clan "The Legacy" Often reffered to as "Hawt" This Tawny has a fond relationship with Amy and is know as "Shawty" By insom.
Tawnys shud be Loved and cared for by all..cos not only do they have a great name..theyre great in general.
When i grow up! i wanna be just like Tawny.
Wow that girl was definietly a Tawny.
by Tawny Curtin June 13, 2008
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Often refered to as the "walrus muzzle", this beast of a so-called woman should be confronted only when large amounts of alcohol have been consumed as to numb the pain of the inevitable cunt-punting that will ensue. Easily agitated and known to spit fire and venom from her devil's-spawn throat-holes. Tendancies include, but are not limited to: tyrants of blame, swearing profusely at "blue hairs", mangina stroking, over-using the phrase: "Gay Hell", complaining, and an inability to control its arm's movements towards faces or breakables.
"What happened to your face? You look like you were attached by a menstrating sewer rat driving a semi!"

"I found a Tawny while i was dumpster diving!"
by Uncle Barney August 04, 2009
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Often a name given to an alien stuck on Earth. Pretends to be one of the human species but behind closed doors does secret business with men in black. Physical characteristics include tall lanky body structure with cigarette in hand. They are very pecular looking and not easily spotted. Sometimes when they get upset they pull back their upper lip and do the "scary face" which exposes all their teeth and it's frightening. They also have tails and are attracted to small little old burly men.
This Tawny girl gave me the scary face.
by keekakookawagwa July 29, 2009
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