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Stands for Sad Little Old Man. Typically a d-bag who is 26 and can't get their shit together. He is usually short and burly and looks like a pretty boy. Sometimes he calls people a bitch because of a Wii controller too. He also kinaps dogs.
Boy: " You are such a slut, you are probably slutting it up right now."

Girl: YOU ARE A S.L.O.M.!!!
by keekakookawagwa August 03, 2009
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Okay bye is another form of asking " are you joking me?". It can also mean "whatever" or "I can't believe he/she said that!". You can also use it when you see something that is not okay, disturbing, or really funny. It is commonly used in the female population.
Boy: " You look like Air Bud"
Girl: OKAYBYE! No I don't

Girl 1: " Did you see that girls camel toe?!"
Girl 2: "Yeah and i was like OKAY BYE!"
by keekakookawagwa August 03, 2009
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Often a name given to an alien stuck on Earth. Pretends to be one of the human species but behind closed doors does secret business with men in black. Physical characteristics include tall lanky body structure with cigarette in hand. They are very pecular looking and not easily spotted. Sometimes when they get upset they pull back their upper lip and do the "scary face" which exposes all their teeth and it's frightening. They also have tails and are attracted to small little old burly men.
This Tawny girl gave me the scary face.
by keekakookawagwa July 29, 2009
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