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Tavion, a name of a God born under the sun. Very beautiful guy with a nice personality and a big package. Most Men name Tavion are Gemini’s and have devil-d**k. People with this name are usually successful in every way possible and have high motivation and shows incredible loyalty to those he love.
Tavion is like a God almost , he’s perfect in every possible and his personality is so beautiful.
by Brittbratt1986 October 23, 2018
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Tavion is a lightskinned name, Tavion's like to be with someone who makes them feel comfortable and dosnt like to express their feelings. Tavion's usually have brown eyes, and isnt usually attractive to most girls because they dont know him well
Tavion is soo sweet
by OkayLolp August 22, 2018
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Tavion is so sweet and hilarious he is fun to be around and HOT he is smart and a bad a** but we all love him
Girl 1 wow look at him he is so hot girl 2 he is my bf btw his name is tavion

Girl1 lucky
by Hot blondie101🥀 June 22, 2018
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Pronunciation:(tay VEE un)

The Name Tavion is a boy's name. The origin of the baby name Tavion is Scottish with the meaning(s) depending on Gender/Origin.
The name Tavion, is the 37533rd most popular baby name at placing it in the top 52% of names by popularity.

In the year year (2007), Tavion was the 23530th most popular name, and is in the top 32% for the year.

"My son Tavion is a small black addopted child."

"Tavion is so wild, one second he's bouncing around and squealing with glee, and the next he's screaming as if his life were over."
by Beeekachoo! January 29, 2009
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A bad ass bitch, She is a singular person there is only one Tavion in the universe and she is fucking awesome
"Is Tavion a boys name?"

"eww wtf no thats gay"
by kazookid1000 May 10, 2018
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