April 21st, the day after National Weed day (April 20th), is known as National Sex Day. Inspired by people enthused by the great National Weed Day, love just as much to continue their celebrations by getting laid as much as possible on this even better holiday for people of all ages (must be in highschool or later ; )
person 1: "you celebrating april 21st?"

person 2: "Oh hell yea, I'm getting laid tonight, bruhh"
by FoxFan27 April 22, 2010
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National surprise drug test day.

April 20th is national get high day, so the 21 is for surprise drug tests.
Person 1: dude, I’m screwed!
Person 2: why?
Person 1: I got high yesterday, and now I’m getting a surprise drug test because it’s April 21st
by HardLuckAD May 28, 2018
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