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a boner inducing female
Mayra is such a hottie, She's so beautiful and has big bouncy titties
by esjay December 07, 2004

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1.Anybody born April 20 to May 20. Very friendly,sensual people who will be your best friend in bed and get easily pissed off if you rub them the wrong way. 2.
After I explained to Gina that she was a kangaroo. She lost her temper and told me that I was a piece of dog shit. Yep,she's a Taurus all right!
by esjay December 07, 2004

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anyone born between August 23 and September 22. quite sexy people(especially females)
Mayra is the hottest chick ever,and she wants to please me as well. She's a keeper,and a Virgo!
by esjay December 07, 2004

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December 22 to January 19,we're loved and admired and most compatible with Taurus,Virgo,Scorpio,and Pisces intrigued by Aries,Leo and Libra
secretly want to get it on with Cancer. Unfortunately misunderstood by Gemini,Sagittarius,and Aquarius
x:dude,she's so hot,what's her sign?
x:I'm a Capricorn,I can get her!
by esjay December 07, 2004

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A famous pro wrestler who's also an Olympic champion.
Brendan looks like Kurt Angle,it's true it's true!
by esjay December 07, 2004

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Midway's classic arcade football game where you play no rules 11-on-11 pure unadulterated high-impact football. Similar to NBA Jam ,3 sacks in a row; you're on fire!
x:football games suck,they're based too much on real life
y:what kind of blithering idiot are you? Have you ever played Blitz?
x:oh yeah!
by esjay November 27, 2004

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When you are jumped by more than one person.
Them motherfuckers jumped me philistine style,dude 3 on 1 don't seem too fair now,does it?
by esjay April 09, 2005

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