A girl who is your bestis friend ever and even though you get into fights you love her and won't ever let her go
" omg did you see tatum today"???!!
by Feb new an May 14, 2017
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A hooooot freaking awesome gal that is just the best. Sometimes slightly over dramatic but good at heart. Smartest in class as well as prettiest. In love with books but is also very social and could have a conversation with almost anyone. People with the names Ben, Aidan, Dan, Will and Sam are often attracted to her. Not a lover of all animals but definitely some. Although she can be moody sometimes you can’t help but love her.
Sam: Did you see Tatum in class today??
Ben: Yeah I couldn’t take my eyes off her!!
Sam: She is very pretty

Ben: Yeah bro
by May June July June 19, 2018
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A total liar and bitch that guys love but girls hate. watch out she will turn her back on you. The guy who loves for her will be cheated on.
"Tatums been ignoring me and i dont know why" "well tatum told her bf not to talk to me" " tatums been cheating on her BF"
by THE REAL TRUE GOD November 05, 2011
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A bird-like man that knows large word, it feast on young childrens fun life
Damn Mr. Tatum took my life away, i hope i die
by Hazan March 24, 2003
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Used to get a object that a toddler is holding.
Tata Tommy! now give me back the remote!
by boyzexpert May 19, 2011
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