The greatest set of knockers on the East Coast
Did you see the tatis on her?
by Hank J July 1, 2008
Slang for something that is tasty, delicious, and otherwise enjoyable.
"That fresh coffee is taty!"
by leemuru September 17, 2013
The awesomest person you will ever meet and is the hottest girl in the world. And if messed with she will kick your ass, but she is a nice caring selfless person who will do whatever it takes to brighten up someone when they are feeling down. And is the best lover in the world.
Hey do you see that nice sexy awesome girl?
Yeah it's tati
by tati'sloverofcoursee December 28, 2011
saying someone is cute while still trying to throw shade.
by kay._the._kholdest April 2, 2018
1. Tatoo, the skin pigment, not the pygmy
2. The Cyrillic form of T.a.t.U, or Tatu, the Lesbian Pop Duo
1. Check out my new taty!
by Bill Nye July 16, 2003
The state of true love. If you are a part of a tatie you are truly in love with your other part. You have sex regularly and do it from the age of 13
Those are tatie
by The ultimate man 123 May 13, 2017
A big ass tit that squirts all the milk and vitamins you need for a balanced nutritious breakfast
Can i suck on your taty now im hungry
by Mr.Taty April 19, 2016