Shit/poop/excreta. That's what it literally means in Hindi
Let's light some Tati on fire and throw it over our neighbors fence
by CryogenicMiasma May 20, 2019
Person 1: Damn did you hear about James Charles?
Person 2: Yes, Tati dragged him through the mud
by urlocalelf May 15, 2019
She can end careers faster than thanos’s snap
But she will fall due to uno reverse card placed by James Charles

don’t mess with the vitamins
James Charles: touches other vitamins*
Tati: iMMa bout to end this man’s career

*snaps with infinity gauntlet*

James Charles: and I oop-
by spill_dat_teesis May 26, 2019
1. An indian term for "pooh" but, people use it anytime they want.

2. An indian word for washroom # 2 that comes out of your behind. Indian term for it. Also indians use it whenever they want to... even when it isn't in that topic.
my stomach hurts because I never went tati today.

the tati that came out of my behind went in someone's mouth today.
by Puneet February 8, 2004
Tati is my pretty girl . She’s the best . My world I would give anything for her . Treat her like the queen she is . so caring I love her and everyone should love her . heartz for tati <33 💘💖💞💝💓
did you see my wonderful gf tati ? I love her .
by tatisbf June 24, 2021
The FINEST female in the WORLD!!!!!! And my REAL SEXY LADY!!!!!!!
Damn is that tati!!!!?????
by DIZ_WUN February 28, 2005
A smart, pretty girl who can really kick ass. She likes to kick fat people's asses that talk a lot of $h!t. A cool person in general.
Hey look! Its tati kickin that fat girls ass!
by Nilab April 6, 2005