Tasse- The word tasse can mean a couple things. Tasse can be your girl or some pussy.
“Aye baby lemme get some of that tasse
Friend: “ Hop on 2k brudda.” You: “I can’t my tasse coming over.”
by TellYaSisterISaidHello October 31, 2020
french word meaning "bitch"
comes from the word "petasse" in french
Boy: Hey wanna fuck ?!
Girl: Yea, tell me when.
Boy: HAHAA! You're a tasse.
by urNumber1 March 5, 2009
Tass, or being "tassed" is a slang word meaning drinks or drunk. Created by the senior class of St. Albans School in 2016. This graduating class created a whole language of slang words ending in "ass".
Yo Teplitz, you got so tassed at that move last night.
Hey Dakota, you get the tasses for the party at Geffroy's house.
by Benjamin Labaree September 19, 2017
Cool. Hip. Not at all square. (The term originated with the video game "Tass Times in Tonetown", and derives from "Veritas" (Truth) in the Harvard slogan.)
That is one tass hooplet, Chaz!
by JLBGeek August 28, 2005
A beautiful independent woman in STEM that can do it all. Has amazing curves. Is really good at ignoring people. Is really funny and can start a youtube channel. Wants to go to space. Passes out when donating blood. Is a bad bitch.
Man, there needs to be more tass's in this world!
by professional dictionarier December 2, 2018
cleavage which forms perfectly with the cup of the bra . Where the cup of the bra and the breast flow seamlessly in one round whole.
My secretary was wearing a blazer with out a blouse underneath and I could see by the tasse that she knew how to pick bras that fit.
by Rod X February 14, 2014