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A rare creature, native habitat includes; the beach, the pub, the horses, and apparently at "work" (I haven't sighted one there yet?) Usually blonde, they are a man's fantasy, with perfect proportions, amazing smile, and a look from this creature can bring a grown man to his knees, and cause a teen to come where he stands! The few lucky men who get close to a Tarni, all swear she has all the hottest moves in bed or other places, and most say she makes others seem "tame". A GODDESS by all accounts.
by special m666 March 04, 2010
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a tallish, brown haired, brown eyed. girl who lives in wollongong and generally hangs out with two other girls.
Wow those girls aree hot. one of them must be tarni
by August 27, 2009
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A brunette with hazel eyes, very attractive and fun to be around, you’ll always have fun and be laughing when you’re with a Tarni! Yet she can be very lazy and loves food!
Wow she’s so pretty, she must be a Tarni!

I’ve never met somebody as lazy as her, must be Tarni!
by Dictation November 27, 2017
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