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in schools with year round schedules, track 4 contains the stiffest, preppiest, think-they're-gods-greatest-gift-to-the-goddamn-planet kids. these kids stick their bottom lips out too much, play too many sports, think they're good at said sports, and think they're juicy cause they hang out with the other track 4 whores who are all 3s with no boobs. Track 4 people think that because they get 1000 likes on their doctored instagram photo that they're some big fucking deal and walk around the school like they own the place when really everyone outside of track 4 (track 3, 2, & 1) hate them and know how douchey they are. theyre just as bad outside of school where update: everyone STILL hates them!!
You: wow that kid seems like such a douche

some other dude: oh yeah he's a track 4 kid
by fast faggot March 25, 2017
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