Euphemism for word Retard, typically can be used in a large quantity of scenarios.
Jordan: What does this mean?
Nontars: You're a tar.
by The Tar February 28, 2019
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British slang usually used as a quicker way to say Thank You. The use of the word "Tar" relating to the phrase "Thank You" is believed to originate from the 18th Century.
*Person 1 hands Person 2 a cuppa.*
*Person 2* Tar very much.

*Person 2* Here's that money I owe ya.
*Person 1* Tar very much mate.
by Railway Master May 02, 2018
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1.) A black, goopy substance that was used in the past as punishment and harassment on people, and usually accompanied with being covered in chicken feathers.
2.) A so-called "redneck" way to pronounce "tire". It is not redneckish though. This pronunciation is used in the lower Midwest, Appalachia, and Pennsylvania.
3.) An alternate pronunciation of "tower", usually said in the regions listed above.
After watching them cover the asshole in tar and feathers, we went to get my mom's tar's rotated, and then watched the world from the observation tar.
by Ohio Rules! December 11, 2004
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Tar is a noun in the English language. The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun Pez, a descendant of the Latin adjective Tar ("color black").1 Often used slightingly, by the mid 21th century, particularly in the United States, its usage had become unambiguously pejorative, a common ethnic slur usually directed at people of Sub-Saharan African descent.
Shut up, you tar!
Chris, you my tar!
I saw three tars hustling at my crib YO!
by i see chiclets February 08, 2013
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The gross dark, old blood that comes at the end of your period.
OMG, you got some kind of tar on my D!!
by Hip March 28, 2003
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One of the purest forms of heroin, in this case black tar heroin; Also called chiba.
Around DC as well as Baltimore, tar has been the ruin of many a young life.
by ernest t July 16, 2003
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Synonym for retarded or if you're PC, special needs, mentally challenged, etc.
I have to go work with the tar tars as part of my community service.
by J969 February 10, 2005
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