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A group of more extremist Republicans that number around more than 40,000 nationwide and possibly much higher. This faction of the Republican Party (or GOP) is sometimes questioned by the moderates within the party for their extreme right-wing views.
I am one of those people that you would call a Radical Republican.
by Ohio Rules! December 09, 2004

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The proper way to pronounce "shower" in Pennsylvania, the southern (lower) Midwest, and Appalachia. Not a bad thing at all.
Dre is getting ass****ed in the shawr!!!
by Ohio Rules! December 11, 2004

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1.) A black, goopy substance that was used in the past as punishment and harassment on people, and usually accompanied with being covered in chicken feathers.
2.) A so-called "redneck" way to pronounce "tire". It is not redneckish though. This pronunciation is used in the lower Midwest, Appalachia, and Pennsylvania.
3.) An alternate pronunciation of "tower", usually said in the regions listed above.
After watching them cover the asshole in tar and feathers, we went to get my mom's tar's rotated, and then watched the world from the observation tar.
by Ohio Rules! December 11, 2004

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hey what r u eating: it is very hypocritical of you to call Our President retarded and an idiot when you can't even SPELL correctly. Here's the words I'm referring to: "retarted", "ellected", "villege".
Learn to not only spell, but get the facts straight before you attack George W. Bush, moron.
by Ohio Rules! April 15, 2005

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