1. Acronym for "take and run".
2. Least pure form of heroin
Guy A: man, this IPOD looks so sweet!
Guy B: tar!
Guy A: you sure?
Guy B: let's go!
They steal the IPOD, start running, get caught buy the security guards and are violently thrown on the ground.
by handi October 11, 2006
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The gross dark, old blood that comes at the end of your period.
OMG, you got some kind of tar on my D!!
by Hip March 28, 2003
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One of the purest forms of heroin, in this case black tar heroin; Also called chiba.
Around DC as well as Baltimore, tar has been the ruin of many a young life.
by ernest t July 16, 2003
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can be added to just about any name... giving it that modern sound we're all looking for, because normal names are hard as tits.
yo dustar! (dustin) get over her!
man... lestar...(lesley) your just not doin it for me
by AkBaKeS January 30, 2008
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Tits to arse ratio. If they got big boobs, then some ass is ok. A score of 0 is on par. A positive score has bigger boobs to bum. A negative score has a bigger bum to boobs. Often correlated to ITG (inner thigh gap)
by PatEvansGallen September 08, 2016
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