Tapping in means Stealing or pretty much demolishing and tap in means having a lot of
“Wow you really know how to tap into the chips
“No way are you tapping into my chocolate”
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Put the jug on when someone asks for a hot drink such as a coffee or a tea
Hey mum I will go tap your jug
by Olivetreeee July 14, 2023
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When two men stand side by side. One man swings his nuts into the other this creates a Newtons cradle back and forth. There is no winner.
It was a pretty good party, but a lot of people left after Greg and Cam started Egg tapping eachother.
by pcrusher April 22, 2023
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Ones spawn who is breastfeeding.
When is she gonna stop tapping the tittie?

When she is done tapping the tittie, we are going for a drink!
by Gleek32 October 23, 2015
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