the penis or vagina, so called because they both excrete urine, much like a tap gives out water
"I swear blind I could've seen his tap."
"There she was, legs akimbo, tap showing."
by R. Lluyd May 20, 2008
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Teenage pregnancy- often 12-16 year olds, where their eggos are preggoed by blacks in parks.
Joanna what a tap

she had some sexytime with james

in skanky frimley

NOW her eggo is totally preggo
by Sarah likes it July 10, 2008
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Acroynm for Take-A-Poo.
by Nader H. May 09, 2008
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the term 'taps' is used to reserve the second position of the cypher when smoking marijuana in a group. for groups larger than 3, this right is reserved only for the individuals positioned to the left and right of the smoke source. it is very similar to calling 'shotgun' when entering a vehicle and wanting to reserve the passenger seat.
yo i got taps on that ish
by morelikepoop September 12, 2011
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To execute a layup and then after releasing the ball tapping the backboard. Usually a sick ass move.
"Yo son, u just got tapped on!"
by LewChooTrain March 13, 2005
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