short for Tight Ass Pants--lotta really shitty looking people wearing TAP. can also be a good thing (when chicks wear them)
"damn dude...that chick's wearing T.A.P."

"haha look at that mod kid with T.A.P."

"man wtf is up with skaters and their T.A.P."
by phil April 24, 2005
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TAPS, an acronym for "The Abortive Project Specialists".

A crack team of Managers who start projects, produce stellar work, but somehow end up having their projects cancelled at around 60% completion through no fault of their own, usually as a result of policy, funding or senior decisions.
"Did you hear about Lytham - Northwich?"
"Yeah, we TAPS'd it."
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by Jeremy Beautiful Chest October 14, 2020
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T.A.Ps is the abbreviation of Tight Ass Pants, also referred to Skinny Jeans or Nut Huggers
Damm bro, what's up with this new generation wearing T.A.Ps??

Ay man, give your sister back her T.A.Ps, ain't nobody trying to see your mangina.
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by Teddygrams254 January 31, 2019
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Thick As Pig Shit.

Used on forms or as code amongst dentists n dental nurses. Means you need to explain everything to said person
This form says Joeys Mum is TAPS. Better use the under 12s language so she'll understand
by roxas90 September 21, 2015
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