1. to engage in sexual relations with another. comes from the root: tappimus datus assimus
refers to tapping a keg
by fallacy October 30, 2001
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"is that a keg in your pants, 'cause i'd sure like to tap dat ass'
by Anonymous December 6, 2002
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April 13th is National Tap Dat Ass Day, so make your plans to celebrate possibly the greatest holiday
"Hey, any plans on April 13th?"
"Yeah I got plans"
"What are you doing then?"
"I'm gonna be doing that ass cause its National Tap Dat Ass Day"
by aye_son_sit_yo_ass_down April 12, 2018
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The action of tappin that thicc ass you be staring at in class and finally get to smash with
Eyy girl I see you got that ass on you. Lemme triple tap dat ass for you?
by Jacklyn Weed July 26, 2017
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