"Wow, look at our math teacher, Mr. Davies! He sure is brown!"

"He just got back from Bermuda."

"Oh, he's a tangent!"
by someonefromearth February 09, 2010
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When you go on multiple tangents, one after another.
She was just tangenting all night about how terrible her job was.
by Megstar45 May 09, 2015
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a tangentation is an explanation of a situation(s) or event(s)or both but not limited to only that.it can also be about your trip to the store and what happened in your venture..perhaps you stepped on a cats tail which caused the clerk at the store to go ape on you as she was an animal activist,or the cat bit your ankle which in turn caused you to fall on a board with a nail stuck in it and it peirced your ear,which was great,because you saved so much time and money,relieved by this..you donated your proceeds to the animal activist fund in your area
ok, so perhaps that tangentation was a little far out,but really,tangentations exist everywhere and no-one has had the time to come up with a solid example of how to express what this could lead to.this word will spread like wildfire if you just start rambling on into other topics to only arrive at the original topic in which you started with!
by don paterson March 02, 2008
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one that is
a. radio disc jockey that touches a circle of toenails at one toenail
b. a polar bear
c. an idiot of the 270th degree; three pie halves in radians
yo man this tangent has got shit going for him.
by Dan de Maupassant October 08, 2005
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Research Tangent: digressing suddenly from one topic of discussion to run to the nearest internet source in order to thoroughly research information either to: (A) reinforce a particular point or (B) attempt to relieve oneself from ignorance. Can be either directly or indirectly relevant.

... a trend that is sweeping the nation! Because knowledge is power!
Example: She totally went off on a research tangent in the middle of a movie last night when she wasn’t sure if sodium thiopental was the same as sodium pentothal.
by Miss Evelyn Grey November 02, 2011
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When using an online search engine, you see something more interesting that causes you to follow trails unrelated to what you came to search for. Sometimes you forget what you meant to look up in the first place.
Pete: Did you find those instructions on how to make functional battle spears from old rake handles?

Me: Uh, no. Sorry. I went on a search tangent and forgot. But check out these pix of Britney.
by GT88 December 06, 2006
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