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(1) a joke that makes little or no sense in broken English and/or to laugh at your own joke as if it were funny. (2) to drive your uncle’s Infinity into a mailbox because you fell asleep at the wheel. (3) to send your friends at least 50 articles a day about Israeli occupation and expect them to read each one thoroughly. (4) to sleep with a pledge and never tell your best friends. (5) then play it off when your buddy get in an assload of trouble for the same thing. (6) to play covert/overt mind games, astonishingly well with people (usually girls) who are of much lower intellect pathetic. (7) drinking sambosso (or araq). (8) smoking twenty-five cigarettes a day. (9) telling everone you’re Russian and speaking with a Russian accent when you’re drunk. (10) acting like you know everything. (11) telling people with OPINIONS that they are wrong. (12) telling questions. (13) acting like Lawrence of Arabia while obviously residing in the United States when damn near no one has any clue who Lawrence of Arabia is.
“Let me tell you why this is wrong, John”
“What does the Isreali say about bad tea… blame it on the Chinese, complain to the British and get the Americans to look see what they did to my tea…” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
“Of course I am only kidding”
by John Stefano March 08, 2004
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