Tameka is a beautiful woman. A woman who is strong and hard-working. Tameka won't bother herself over trivial things because she will put all of her effort towards the things that she is passionate about. Tameka is passionate about her career, the well-being of her family and community, and taking good care of her mind, body, and soul. Tameka is strong and bold and sometimes, for this reason, the weak and the foolish won't be very compatible with her. She is a tell-it-like-it-is type of woman who wants nothing more to spread wisdom and compassion towards those whom are receptive. Tameka is rather extraordinary.
"Tameka is frickin' awesome!"
by vir sapiens mulier April 10, 2017
She's the most hottest and adorable girl that's a cutie pie on so many levels. with the greatest body she will excite you with just her smile.
She's a Tameka dude go get here
by Realslimshady21321 September 9, 2019
A kickass, flirty queen i love so much, she is so fucking sick and hot and all the boys with names starting with F absolutely go crazy for her. Easy to talk to and has the best sense if humor ever, love you Tameka
by Zoe Biancofiore January 7, 2020
the tell-it-how-it-is type of girl. she'll always have your back, even when you aren't looking good. she a variety of guys but like to keep one close to her heart. she is active and enjoys having a good time. many think she is african-american, but this particular spelling is armanian. this armanian princess will have you hooked and drooling over her with the flash of her smile. beware of her honesty, it is blatant but once you get over that fact, she's a great friend to have on your side
girlll, you pulling a tameka tonight yikes!
by warriorprincess123 January 29, 2011
A putrid looking skank that comes from dapto that likes gang rapes being gang bashed knifed ect. Loves looking for new men to cheat on and lock up

Noun: skank, hore, junky
Look at that scattered junky slut looking mess musta had a lot of dick up that big hole it touches the floor her name must be Tameka welland
by Showing junkys true colours April 26, 2017