somebody who’s gonna make you feel like you’re on cloud nine and like you’re the best out there then proceed to lead you on and then leave you on read
A: hey you know him

B: yea he’s such a talon

A:he must suck
by Iceywifey September 08, 2018
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A very cute, athletic, funny and overall an airhead boy. He often gets confused on what he wants in a girl and ends up passing up a beautiful girl, for a girl that he was very close with but she isn’t his type. The girl he passes up is usually the girl of his dreams and has lots of the same characteristics as Talon himself, like being cute, athletic, funny, and an airhead especially! His friends are the best, but his best friend is a jerk and tells everyone’s secrets. He makes everyone’s day better with his laugh and makes everyone laugh!
Allison:omg did you see Talon today?

Ellie:Yes! Did you here that he broke up with me again, but he’s telling me that he still likes me and he does not know how to get over me:(

Allison: wait until next week! He will be telling you how much he likes you and Carters next party!
by Babbbbbbbe March 07, 2020
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