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A moralless slut, usually named Edina, so desperate they pursue a man knowing that he's already committed & has a family.
A self absorbed homewrecker loves the thrill of ruining relationships & breaking up families. She'll send him slutty photos of her ugly ass & tell him "how badly she wants to fuck him" until she's confronted, then lies & cowers like the gutless little mutt she is.
Edina is a dirty HOMEWRECKER! She tried to deny everything but I have the sluts nudes
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by M I S S R E V E N G E ! June 21, 2018
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A person who is responsible for the break up of a usually big or happy family, usually homewreckers have affairs with an others wife or husband.
Nicole is such a homewrecker, she's the reason my parents got divorced.
by bubblicious December 23, 2016
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Someone who does not respect the boundaries and dynamics of relationships and families. Usually will strike at a weak moment after a fight, and persuade your significant other that they should stay with them, and not go back to you.
They will buy presents, take them out, pay for things, tell them what they want to hear.
There motives are selfish.
They will try to steal your child(ren) along with your partner.
Sarah is such a homewrecker, she totally swooped in when they were in a fight, and convinced him to leave his family for good.
by lotusflower007 September 24, 2010
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One who comes into your life, and screws it all up. This involves stealing your boyfriend/girlfriend, puppy, your friends, until they pretty much take over your entire life.
Wow, now Tanya and Maria are like bffe now. Tanya's a fucking homewrecker.
by so meg was like May 15, 2005
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a female (usually) who is trying to steal a man from another woman.
That home wrecker stole my man!!
by mimi June 10, 2003
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A female who's goal in life is pursuing men in relationships, with the purpose of making them leave their significant other. These females usually have low self esteem and no morals. These whores usually never recieved any love from their own mother so they seek revenge on other females by stealing their man.
TANNICA SLANKARD was a homewrecker, she loves seducing married men.
by Revenge4Brokenpromises July 21, 2018
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A person who knows the man or woman is married but still goes for it. This low life of a person does not even care that there is children involved. This scumbag may even look for problems in the marriage and try to make themselves look better by using that time of weakness. In some cases they may not be successful in breaking up the marriage, but are successful in breaking your heart and making you question everything in the future.
She started with Facebook , her and my husband talk. She told me she was happily married and she was not one of them crazy x-girlfriends. I told them that I didn't want them to talk anymore things didn't add up. She was using our problems and acting as if she worshiped the ground he walked on. And only he can understand her. (Boosting his ego) Now she's unhappy in her relationship. I told her off, and she spoke to me as if she was the wife and mother of his children! Needless to say it went back and forth. He clams she is out of her mind to think that she had some kind of future with him and our children. He clams he never wants to talk to her again __ Like I said "they are successful in breaking your heart and making you question everything in the future"_ Homewrecker
by P.S love July 29, 2011
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