21 definitions by Aubrey

Same general definition as sexy, but used most often to refer to things or people that are not quite qualified to be called 'sexy'.
John: Hey, did you see that girl with that acne all over her face? She's so secxky.

Mary: I love this story you're writing, John. It's so secxky.
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
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A hot person, especially one that many people want to bang.
by Aubrey March 18, 2004
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An interjection used to express excitement or eagerness.
"Only two more pages on my term paper! Tallyho!"
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
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a penis on a girl, usually used together with negress to make negress peenris, which is a fine as ho who has a weenie.
man that ho had a negress peenris, but i was too horny to care. i took what i could get and i dont regret it yo.
by Aubrey January 20, 2005
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a very sweet guy who cares about me and listens to me even though i proly sound dumb when i cry about nuthin but i'm glad he's there for me!!thanx!
by Aubrey October 5, 2003
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An interjection most often associated with anger and/or resentment towards something previously mentioned.
John: How'd you like today's science test, Mary?
Mary: NYARR!!!!
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
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