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To hinder, by whatever means, the chances of another male from talking to a female you are interested in.
Mark was talk blocking me because he though he had a chance with that girl.
by Wason Jertz November 17, 2008
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this happens when you are trying to talk to a person and another intrusive annoying person keeps getting all up in the business, making the conversation difficult or impossible
Kendra: Hey did you run into Elias again?

Michelle: Yeah, but Rachel kept talk blocking! What is her problem?

Kendra: Oh she talk blocks anyone she sees as a threat. She knows she has to go to extreme measures to keep his attention.
by moniker1979 June 13, 2014
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when you are tring to have a conversation with one of your friends and you dont want anyone else to hear, but instead someone keeps trying to join it and keeps annoying you. similar concept to cockblocking.
i was trying to talk to James bout women while we were walking down the hill, but instead some lousy dude decided talkblocking us was a great idea
by BEAST MODE JONNY MAC November 30, 2010
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When you set the mood with your significant other, and you're about to have sex, but they talk with you so long it kills the mood and your erection.
John dims the lights in his bedroom and sits close to Katherine.
John: Hey baby, you ready?
Katherine: I can't believe Mark cheated on Jessica....... Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
John: °keeps a concerned face and pretends to listen to conversation. Overtime his penis turns into an inny
*The Next day
Bill: So how was your special day with Katherine
John: She was Talk Blocking me all night...
by Guessimist September 10, 2015
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