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An arrangement of two or more females riding in tandem in which the ass of the front girl is pressed against the vagina of the other. This usually occurs between two fully clothed females riding together on things such as horses, motorcycles, scooters, and jet skis. Not to be confused with "nuts to butts" which describes the same arrangement but occurring with dudes.
"Did you see those lesbians ride by on those motorcycles? They were all riding poots to coots."

"Her horse died on the trail so we had to ride poot to coot all the way home"
by JSpyder November 28, 2011

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one step worse than a cock block. When a person interferes with other people getting acquainted. Talk blocks do not allow themselves to be elevated to the status of a cock block by ruining any chances before you even get to drop your name, leaving you shut down without the remote possibility of a sexual encounter, now or ever.
I got talk blocked by the fat bitch in the spandex.
by JSpyder August 15, 2007

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a person who is interested in the male sex organ, either being a gay or a woman. Some people are recreational wang anglers, while others are professionals. Professional wang anglers are characterized by loose vaginas/anuses, STD's, and the need to be smacked around by a Pimp. Recreational wang anglers usually hang out at bars and have lower back tattoos. Male wang anglers are characterized by designer clothes, a feminine voice, and a raging passion for cowboys' butts.
Get off your wang angling ass and make some money.

That dude at the gym is such a wang angler.

by JSpyder August 06, 2007

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Is the act of taking a dump. Derived from the name Robert Fulton who made the first steam boat. Fulton was a logical choice to describe something else that steams.
I gotta take a mad fulton!
Get the toilet paper because I just fultoned in my pants.
by JSpyder March 03, 2007

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a person who has the qualities of both a skank and a looser. They generally arent worth wasting the words to call them both names so its easier to call them a skooze or skoozer.
Get your skooze hands off my fries.

You need to brush your teeth or get that skooze breath the hell away from me.

That girl is such a skoozer. I hear she did it in the back of a garbage truck with the trashman.
by JSpyder March 10, 2007

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