A peot who refuses to rap about gangstars, ice, and their kicks. Thus, not recieving any love from mainstream (aka TRL teeny boopers, White America). If you want to hear stupid punchlines, used beats with weak lyrics, 16 bars about guns, bitches, bling, etc this is not your guy. If you want to hear what hip hop should be and never will be, you have to cop this mans work.
Nowadays rap artists coming halfhearted/
Commercial like pop or underground like black markets/
Where were you the day hip-hop died/
Is it too early to mourn, is it too late to ride?

by Martin September 17, 2004
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The correct response to mos def, which is slang for 'most definitely'.
-Yo dawg yo, I got you rims on your rims so you can spin while you're spinnin'!

-Mos def!

-Talib Kweli.
by benjancewicz June 2, 2011
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Talib Kweli is a racist rapper who promotes violence against whites.

"And if a white boy say the shit
He'll still get punched
Right in the mouth" is one of Talib Kweli's lyrics from the song "Ridin'".
by Hater of Racism January 22, 2009
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A true poet and enlightener, sadly not publicized to the extent of other in the music industry because he refuses to write about 22 inch rims and his Air Force Ones.

"Police read you your rights from right to left
But I never write to remain silent."
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
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one of the greatest mcs that dosent talk about "bling"

"Kweli -- spruce to the tree, Bruce to the Lee
the real emcee, that your favorite rapper used to be"-Talib Kweli
"A flea could move a tree, before ya think ya movin me"-Talib Kweli
by miaboi3 June 24, 2003
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One of the illest rappers to come from the Rawkus Records family. Has released albums with Mos Def as Black Star, Hi Tek as Reflection Eternal, and as a solo artist. As a Rawkus member, he doesn't rap about bling, gangsta shit, and girls (unless it's positive). Recently got pissed when a forum member by the name of ImRickJamesBitch put a link to a bootlegged copy of his unfinished album.
kweli is ill man, cop all of his albums (specialy the black star album)
by jslice March 28, 2004
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