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The love of my life. the person who swept me away yet i still dont have the guts to ask he out...
me;hello Taiya
her;hey Riley
me; cheesy joke

her; awkward
by pharmaceutical June 04, 2011
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One of the most amazing bestfriends a girl can ask for. She's always there and has the best sense of humor.

She keeps the best inside jokes and makes sure her friends don't pass out anywhere stupid.

Everyone needs to get there friends a Taiya.
Kayla: Who's your bestfriend?
Megan: Taiya.

Kayla: Awwee, I need a taiya.

Megan: Go get your own!
by omgitsmegan January 04, 2011
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taiya is the prettiest person you will ever meet she is stunning athletic and smart she is hard to get but when she likes u back boy are you in for a real treat she will treat you right and love you as long as you love her
(boy) will you go out with me

(Taiya) of course but why exactly do you like me in the first place

(Boy) well you are pretty, funny , and athletic I just love everything about you
by Taiya brett November 04, 2016
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Taiya is a kind hearted beautiful girl. She is always there for you when you need her and always gives the best advice. She has an amazing body and always has confidence. People often think of her of being popluar and perfect but inside she is the wierdest person ever. She is an introvert and often has tough times finding someone to love, but once you get her don’t let her go.
random guy: “hey, how’re you wanna hang later”

taiya: “hey, for sure you want to talk about anything in particular?”
by marydane67 May 31, 2018
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