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A gorgeous babe, with luscious locks, guys drool over her and girls simply want to be her. Heads turn when she shakes her thang. A simple wink from her will send you head over heels. She is hipster with a capital H. She attracts people like flies! And once you meet her, your life will be changed forever! She's a shorty and a massive hotty, pwoah not to mention her body!
eg. Look there is Tahli! I must be dreaming!! She is a sex god!
by dagurlwithdapearls July 30, 2011
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amazing guy who is considered the best looking male in the universe but can he hateful towards certain people and i wouldnt get on his bad side because he will go crazy! if he likes you, you will be treated like a god.
girl 1- omg who is that he looks amazing!?

girl 2- he's tahli he is amazing!
by spaceturd99 August 14, 2011
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