The Wilderness in the game RuneScape, the only area where people can kill other players.
guy: yo man i'm goin into the wildy
guy2: ok dude but be careful
by Metatag May 15, 2005
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Having the wildies means to have a bad case of diarrhoea.
Having the wild shites.
Oh my god, last night was terrible. I woke up this morning with the wildies.
by Paul Daley May 15, 2008
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Campground or forest perverts.
Men who hike through woods and jack off when peering at teens.

Bush whackers.
While Sam and Judy were pitching their tent they heard moaning and smacking sounds coming from deep in the woods.

Judy:"Do you hear what I hear?"

Sam: "Dam it, these woods are filled with the Wildy."
by capooter February 24, 2009
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- wilderness enthusiast

- a supporter of all things natural
- Jack or Jane of all wilderness trades





-nature walker


-wilderness therapy guide



-blanket sitting picniker
Janis: So what's he in to?
Monica: Oh he's a wildy
Janis: Oh cool ... so will he be sleeping on our couch?
Monica: Good questions ... I don't know
by Wildy Chicks September 28, 2018
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When you pass out from the day sesh and don’t make it on the night out.
Tom didn’t make it out, he’s pulled a wildy.

The stag do was in full flow, for those that didn’t pull a wildy.
by K1££0 May 27, 2019
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