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The average IQ of the American politician.
A: "What's the IQ of the average American politician?"

B: "69"

A: "Hmm, what a coincidence..."
by FuctButSects October 17, 2010
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Just read the tags below
No really, just look at the tags
by FuctButSects January 22, 2011
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When one spends an abnormally long time in the shower because they are putting thought into some of the deeper issues in their life.
Friend: Dude you were in the shower for 45 minutes! What the hell were you doing, jacking off?

Guy: Nah dude I was taking a philosophy shower.

Friend: Oh ok that's excused then.
by FuctButSects October 21, 2010
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The morning on which a male wakes up and finds his cock to be much larger than the day before. Usually accompanied by fervent celebration, and parties (usually sex parties).
Todd: Dude my dick grew 1/2 an inch in girth last night!

Manuel: Congratulations man! Happy Girthday! Are you getting laid tonight?

Todd: You know it man!
by FuctButSects October 22, 2010
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The new slang term for marijuana. "Weed", "pot", and "grass" are all outdated.
...Not real gum you dumbass. Peppermints the new slang term for MJ. Get with the times, brah!
by FuctButSects October 01, 2010
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One who skillfully and stealthily changes others' Facebook statuses when they accidentally leave their computer on while they are sleeping, temporarily away getting coffee, etc.
Cheryl: Hey look at Matt's last status update...reads off computer screen: "I think Justin Bieber is really cute! <3 <3 <3" This doesn't make sense. Matt's not gay!

Victoria: That must be the work of a Facebook ninja.
by FuctButSects October 16, 2010
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Conveniently making use of the fact that a milennium has recently passed to exaggerate how out-of-date something is.
Cole: I just went to the mall and bought Clerks II DVD today. You wanna come over and watch it?

Derek: You actually BUY your movies? That is so second millennium!
by FuctButSects January 22, 2011
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