A type of person who always invites themselves to an event or place, this person is also a pain in the arse. (also known as tagging)
"here he/she comes, tagging again"
"here he comes to tag... AGAIN"
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by TOAD NECK July 19, 2017
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license plates on a vehicle, usually a term used by police.
"run her tags to see if she's driving a stolen car."
by nitro November 06, 2003
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A popular game played by children where one child, who is the tagger or is It attempts to touch another child, making them It, also called it.
Johnny: Hey Billy, lets play tag
Billy: OK, you're It!
by I'm Kevin, and you're not August 06, 2005
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With regards to/credit to. Derived from a mixture of tag (Passing something onto another person) and Thanks.
1.Hey, the names Twigget, tags to Jemma
2.Tags to all the people that helped out
by Jemmy Berry October 02, 2005
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A writer's unique signature with ink or a spraypaint can.
I tagged on every wall I had the chance to.
by TFS July 24, 2005
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The accomponing acronyms\synonyms\related words that are now required with every UD word {five minimum}. First applied to this site at around mid August of ’05.
The below Tags for this word are ‘Tag’, ‘Definition’, ‘Example’, ‘Word’, ‘UD’, ‘Urban Dictionary’, ‘author’, ‘related’, ‘date’, ‘name’, ‘Location’, and ‘info@urbandictionary.com’.
by Victor Van Styn September 30, 2005
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Tags are your signiture on walls or object. it is done with style to show your skill and represents you. tags that just scribble looking is a waste of time and ruins graff for everyone and are a bunch of dumbasses.
Tags are cool.. just put in time into your tags then get up.

Nobody don't want to see that shitty tag on the wall if you don't got can control.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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