1.)An acronym meaning Take A Fifth
2.)To take a fifth of alcohol, preferably Bacardi 151
Tate: "Yo pat, TAF! "
Patrick: "Will do!"
by Tate and Pat November 04, 2005
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fat spelled backwards, used for someone that's fat or eats a lot
fat kid: whats up guys?
me:sup taf
fat kid: STOP CALLING ME TAF GOD DAMNIT *eats a bag of doritos"
me: ....fuckin taf
by pcs d#4 June 03, 2007
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Thick as f**ck. Used to describe someone being stupid without them knowing.
She is t.a.f! or Just said out loud as t.a.f and the target not understanding but your friends will ;D
by Matthew Zunder October 14, 2007
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Short for "Tool Academy For Sure".
A handy acronym for pointing out tools (or possible contestants on MTV's Tool Academy) without them knowing what you're saying.
He is so TAFS.
by Fru Grump July 07, 2011
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1. Take a fucking seat. Meaning that a person just got embarrassed or shut down and should take a seat (usually used in a chat ).
gg loser tafs.

tafs, you just got taken to the cleaner son.
by Pedro Sosa October 04, 2010
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