He is a good looking man with a huge dick and an amazing personality who gets loads of girls but is very load
Is he a taf because he is good looking
by Nonutnovember42069 November 02, 2019
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TAF: "Thot as fuck"

Someone who is looking like a hoe, dressing like a hoe, or looking like a thot in any way
Guy 1: Damn bro look at that girl!

Guy 2: Whoah she's looking taf...
Guy 1: What's taf?
Guy 2: Taf? It means thot as fuck. Like she be lookin' like a shot, so she thot as fuck.
Guy 1: OH! Taf! U right u right...
by sxvqty April 02, 2017
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Yes it is Fat backwards but also a name. My name :) Taf is a libra, loud, confident but also very self conscious, always there for others, should take her own advice that she gives to others, short, pretty, brown eyes and good in drama (lessons and the tea drama)
Oh that girls so loud. Yeah she’s a bit like Taf”
via giphy
by laffytaffy :) May 18, 2019
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