Dude #1: check out this link: "Fullmetal Alchemist TAF 2009 Trailer NEW"

Dude #2: What's TAF mean?

Dude #1: Tokyo Anime Fair.
by aikomishimatsu May 01, 2009
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when you see somebody that is fat and you want to say that they are fat without them knowing that you are talking about how fat they are, then you use the word taf.
so while you are walking with a friend of yours and the person if front of you is chubby.

You: Hey, tafness at 12 o'clock
Friend: Oh yea dude, definitely taf

Taffy: I want a taffy apple too.
by Jie Chou August 28, 2005
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The coolest guy you will ever meet. He is nice and chill
by jajasi123 May 09, 2018
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Acronym: Terminal Aerodrome Forecast

The international standard code format for terminal forecasts issued for airports.
KPDX (Portland Intl.) is one the few large airports in the area that issues a TAF.
by jcreek December 03, 2007
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TAF is an acronym for Total Age Fail. This is a term that defines what happens when a user comes in a chat room that has an age restriction, and he/she is under the required age to be in said room.
TAF for that user, banned.
by AdamRocked December 06, 2010
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stands for Townie ass fucker:

1)someone who fucks townies up the ass
2)someone who does not want to be a townie but does either because they are afraid of being beaten up by townies or because their friends are townies, also look for the word pussy
why are you a townie when you wanna be a grunger?
cos i don't wanna get beaten up.
Well then your a fuckin TAF
by Ben Todd May 13, 2004
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