Short for tactical, doing things (especially crimes) in a strategic manner, with planning and preparation to ensure success
Those dudes move tac I anit even see em go in the bank

If we gonna do it we gotta be tac cus I am not tryna go to jail
by Jojo347 December 14, 2019
Another word for "fresh". Used usually by wack "ballers" that this they will make it in like. One of the most annoying words to hear in a sentence while you're talking to someone.
Yesterday I saw these jays on this dude and they were hella tac
by LARRYSLAYER May 13, 2016
An acronym for trifling ass cunt. Shortened to tac for convenience during insult and catchy-ness when used.
David: babe go make me a sandwich.

Lola: Make your own damn sandwich you lazy douche.

David: You TAC!
by lolanofningagle October 10, 2010
North-east England slang for cannabis resin.
Tac smoker: Awww man a'v got ne tac left 'ave a?
by The Master E June 26, 2007
A type of cannabis smoked mostly in the North East of England.

Brown and hard, but goes soft when warmed up in order for the dealer to cut it into different sizes.

Only 2% THC.

Lasts alot longer than skunk.

The best way to smoke it is with a bucket/boosh or a bong but you have to burn the tac off and sprinkle it in the chillum or pipe.

Tac joints make nasty rockies which burn through clothes.
First person: Hey, want a bit of this tac joint?
Second person: No man, I can't be getting rockie holes in this jacket, sort us a boosh though?
First person: 'Kay, but I can't be arsed sprinkling it, you do it.
by hellsxbells April 20, 2008
To commit tactical suicide, oft in FPS games. Tactical suicides result in tactical superiority, whether by positioning the player committing it into a more favorable location, filling up his health, or denying the enemy a kill / attached bonuses.
Capture the Flag: You're on defense, low on health. You can see the incoming enemies half way across the map. Yet, there are no health packs around. TAC and respawn with full health, ready to put up a more efficient defense.

Deathmatch: Score limit is set to 20; the enemy has 19, and has you cornered. A frag, and his victory, is inevitable - unless you TAC.
by Annihilator-tPW September 18, 2006
Tac is another word for pot, or brown or whatever you call the brown marijuana that most people smoke.
have you got any tac?
by hunta December 5, 2003