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Something that is generally not talked about.
A topic that makes people unforfortable like death, cancer, AIDS, child prostitution, inner family rape...
Breaking a taboo: "Wow Mr. White, I have such a bad rash on my balls!"

breaking another taboo:"Did you ever wonder what it feels like to fuck your grandma when she is dead?"
by DaMulder May 04, 2004

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The lowest form of the british youth culture. The males define themselves through sports outfits and stupid caps (the burberry cap being the most respected one, as it looks most stupid!). The females simply look like whatever the latest Christina Aguillera style might be (slutty basically).
They both appreciate bad music, be it cheap techno, low quality rap or just "whatever is on the radio". They prefer simple movies as they never quite understand the plot of the complicated ones anyway.

Other descriptions include Chavs, Neds, Townies, Kevs, Charvers, Steeks, Spides, Bazzas, Yarcos, Ratboys, Kappa Slappers, Skangers, Janners, Stigs...
1. Fuck no! The stupied scallies downstairs are completely stoned again and turned their horrible garage techno to full volume again!

2. You goddamn scallie! Get a job!
by DaMulder May 11, 2004

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Orig. Latin: spectare (to watch)

watching without interfering
Commonly used by the Quake 3 and Counterstrike community: "I am dead and already in specator mode again!"
by DaMulder May 04, 2004

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