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A phenomena observed when one is writing a ~10 page paper and finds oneself stuck at or around page 7. This is often followed by 3 very awkward pages consisting of extra sentences and/or paragraphs which needlessly flesh out the body of the paper.
Everything was going fine on that 10 pager I had due today. Then I hit the seventh page slump.
by Bob Gunderson April 19, 2006
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Like a driveby, but on internet message boards. Usually occurs when a noob makes a mistake and the rest of the board jumps all over them with insults, etc.
Wow, did you hear about SaucyJoe477? He got hit by a major type-by yesterday. All kinds of teh insults were thrown at him. What a lamez0r!!!11one!

No, I did not hear about that. How odd, yet interesting.

Yes, I agree, but only somewhat.
by Bob Gunderson November 10, 2005
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n. social faux pas that involves accidentally offending one or more groups of people
"Oh man, I totally pulled a Michael Richards at work today. The women there really hate me now."
by Bob Gunderson November 28, 2006
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Literally: "tour of stadium"
This is when you, in the words of Jack from Lost, "run all the steps in every section of a stadium up and down."
Jack: It was a Tour de Stade.
Sarah: What?
Jack: When you run all the steps in every section of a stadium up and down.
Sarah: Why would you do that?
Jack: I'm intense.
Sarah: Did you finish?
Jack: No, I hurt my ankle.
Sarah: That sucks for you.
-from Lost season 2 episode 1
by Bob Gunderson April 7, 2006
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Traversing the Web by clicking links within web pages. This technique is often used on encyclopedia sites like Wikipedia.
I spent three hours link surfing Wikipedia last night. I started at Blur (band) and somehow ended up at Folie à deux.
by Bob Gunderson May 1, 2007
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