Used in Hampton Brandon's live stream.

Stands for Ten Toes Down, a call sign used by the TTD militia.
by Hmptn December 3, 2017
Ten Toes Down.
A term used heavily by Toronto producer/rapper NAV . Meaning to stay humble and commit heavily to something. Often used to describe riding out with a squad or gang.
"Aye yo Jaden can you help me fuck up this wasteman"
" 'Course fam I'm TTD"
"Thanks bruv"
by TuhronoVibesWhiteBoi June 13, 2017
Stands for "This Thread Delivers". If while surfing the internet, you come across a thread or forum topic that has some decent porn, to the fact where you actually get off from it, you can let the world know by simply saying TTD.
Oh man...I can't believe all the pics of what that chick just did.

by BTmoney June 17, 2007
Textually Transmitted Disease. Also known as memes. On-line quizzes and surveys and other like things that people either post to their pages or e-mail to their friends, so that all their readers and friends may do the exact same thing in turn.
Examples of TTDs can be found here:
by assassinscloak October 6, 2008
Damnnn that girl is mighty fine, she can TTD!

i heard she can TTD like a champ
by picking my nose February 28, 2011
Look at Chris over there, he has been TTD Jill all night
by Bowgitty February 5, 2010