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A very unique phrase said to those who are humble, a very hard thing to find and to achieve. In a world where we are viewed as lited aging creatures we are constantly forced to prove ourselves, therefore our ego tends to catch up rather quickly. Staying humble means to know exactly your place, nothing more and nothing less, to feel that sense of humility by surpassing one's ego and sincerely taking somebody or something as is, no judgements. It means not showcasing what you have achieved because knowing that where you stand as a human being, there is no scale to measure how great you are vs how great another is; to loose that sentiment of pride in one's doing or accomplishments, to let your humility be your drive and your accomplishments be your impact.
"The antidote for arrogance is honest awareness of the fact that even the smartest person in the world knows very, very little. Stay humble."
by Y.t. October 07, 2013
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