When you're on an instant messaging program, and you copy and paste something someone else has instant messaged, and you end up getting their font style.
Oh noes! I copied what you said on AIM and you gave me a textually transmitted disease!
by Lainaaa June 28, 2007
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TTD. Developed when radiation from massive amounts of texting causes the testicles to become cancerous or the sperm to mutate. The increase of TTDs is directly related to the proximity of the cell phone to the genitals.
In order to prevent textually transmitted disease, I never keep my cell phone in my pants pockets or between my legs when sitting.
by doseEdose May 21, 2010
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Addicting books that are spread from person to person. (Word of mouth or lent)

Most commonly Twilight, the first textually transmitted disease ever.

If you you had Twilight, and you lent it to your friend, you gave your friend a TTD.

If you told your friend about Twilight and they bought it, you gave your friend a TTD.

If someone recommended Twilight to you, and you bought it (no matter how many months later), you have a TTD.

The only people who do not have TTDs are those who have not read the book yet, or those who saw it in the bookstore themselves and brought it without recommendation.
"Can I borrow New Moon? I just finished Twilight in three hours, it was that addicting..."
"Sorry, I lent it to Mike."
"DAMN IT! You give me a textually transmitted disease and you don't even give me a treatment?"
by xoxoslythERIN July 11, 2008
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