In role-playing games: Total Party Kill. Put even simpler, everybody is dead.
We weren't expecting to be TPKed by a giant rat!
by Yazzy July 10, 2005
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1) n. Total Party Kill. refers to when every member of an adventuring party is killed. Usually refers to a Dungeons and Dragons party, though it can be used for other RPGs.
2) v. To kill an entire adventuring party.
1) I’m gonna give the party another magical item before they fight the hydra. I don’t want to end up with another TPK.
2) Aaaand I TPKed them anyway. Man, I am a terrible DM.
by HopHoppipHarvest November 7, 2021
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Town Portal Kill - derived from Diablo 2 gameplay. When a character lures a large group of enemies into a small area then opens up a town portal and safely heads to town. He then tells other player that the portal he just opened is safe & clear. The unknowing player jumps into the portal and get swarmed by enemies then dies.

TPKs are used regularly on Hardcore mode to kill off low level players quickly.
John: "My lv27 Hardcore warrior just got TPK'd by some asshole Hydra Sorc."

Me: "Daam, how'd that happen?"

John: "He said he was giving free Baal kills, so I jumped into the portal, and when the zone loaded up I was dead! He lured the entire fucking zone to the portal"

Me: "HAHA! That'll teach you to play pick-up games!"
by dee-rock July 25, 2008
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a prominant gang on the westside
TPK be ownin westcoast
by ab08 June 6, 2006
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Team Pile Killers - Group of people that consume a massive pile of drugs
TPK's unite, we need to kill this pile!
by Chris1987wooh January 14, 2008
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TPK is an STD which is accompanied by Diarrhea and Vomiting along with large cauliflower shaped warts. The means of which are attained through sexual interactions with an unattractive mortal. Specifically, someone who is uncapable of smiling and frequently looks offensive. There is no found cure.
Dude whats wrong man?

Well I hooked up with a girl incapable of smiling and now I have the TPK.

Thats horrible sorry to hear that.

Yo son what's the deal wit the long face?

man my dick turned to a CAULIFLOWER piece of SHIT from TPK!

that's what you get, fool.
by The Wizards of the Infantry April 22, 2009
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TPK = Two Punk Kids

Two Punk Kids(TPK) a label of two people(punks) that are in a relationship. Punk is about liking what you like, being yourself, saying what you think and FUCK ALL THE REST. Being TPK is you and your partner being all that together. Two Punk Kids up against the world.

The is also TPK(Two Punk Kids) Endurance, an endurance race for those that like adventure, getting lost, heavy shit and no fucking sleep....oh yeah the Rubik’s cube too!
TPK up against the world.

I heard at TPK you get epic adventure while getting lost and collecting memories.
by imnotajedi September 14, 2019
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