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A town with a relatively small population that seems to grow exponentially during the summer due to tourists. Usually located close to many major places of interest - to the tourists, naturally, as the locals have seen everything of interest at least 50 million times. More often than not, these tourists keep summer homes - they're too damn wussy to survive the rest of the year there.
I hate living in a tourist town - there's always a fucking traffic jam!
by Yazzy July 9, 2005
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In role-playing games: Total Party Kill. Put even simpler, everybody is dead.
We weren't expecting to be TPKed by a giant rat!
by Yazzy July 9, 2005
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Wheaties. Y'know, orange box, famous athletes plastered on the front? Tastes like burnt ass? Yeah, that stuff.
I bought a box of Wheaties from the store yesterday and ate some. 'Breakfast of Champions', my ass.
by Yazzy July 9, 2005
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