An epic adventure is a usually a epic road trip that takes place over the summer... Of You and your best buds that consist of you doing one or more of the following. Killing a large and dangerous animal, finding large amounts of weed, and discovering the lost ark.
Bro 1: Dude remember that epic adventure we took last year

Bro 2: Yeah Bill got mauled by a bear... And we smoked A LOT of weed
by Swagforreal November 3, 2011
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Epic Adventures usually start with a single idea that grows and grows until it passes Amazing. or Outstanding. An Epic Adventure usually takes place over the course of 110 days or more. These days consists of and or a day(s) were the ending seems like it will never pass. Epic adventures are usually so large the brain doesn't remember it all. Epic adventures have been known to go for up to 15 hours a day straight for the time moving
An Example of an Epic Adventure is someone doing the Trans-Canada trail. The trail itself covers massive amounts of space time and consumes almost everything left in your wallet.

Another example of these are: trails lasting 110 or more days.
traversing the northern contenents. Finding all the Fiji islands. and/or circumnavigating across the world more then twice
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